Out, but not out, part 2

Other interesting things to do while in Monteverde?  There is zip line tours of the canopy with a 1 km zip line. As boring as it might have seemed in southpark, it was fairly cool. There is a nice little town of St.Elena. They’ve got nice places for shopping, and good food. We had lunch one day in a cafe with a giant tree growing in the center of the restaurant. We spent sometime in a local pub after going zip-lining. Excellent gallo there and good beer. We watched a strange rodeo event on the local TV network while eating at “Amigos”. People from the spectator stands gather in the bull ring. Then they let the bull out. The goal is to try and stay in the ring as long as possible without getting killed. I assume there was a prize involved for those that could hold out the longest, but I am not sure. My Spanish is not that good. The bartender didn’t tell me that these crazy people do this every Saturday. It was very interesting. All this time, I didn’t know that I liked watching sports on TV.

The next day we were heading south west to  Manuel Antonio. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

I would have to agree. It’s one of my favorite beaches. It didn’t have the nice volcanic hot springs that Arenal had, but it had a lot of wildlife and very warm weather. When we first got there, I was expecting to see a plethora (not pinatas) of monkeys and other wild life, but for the first day we had to do some searching to find it.

We saw these little buggers running around. We were told that they’re digging around looking for water because it’s not rained for some time. They start travelling further to look for water so you can hear them rustling in the foliage. They are suppose to be related to the capybara, but it could be that they just got tired of us asking what they’re called.

There were mango trees all around the hotel. It would have been nice to try a fresh one, but the monkeys take three bites out of them and throw them to the ground. The only ones I could find were the mini ones that were far from edible state.Damn wasteful monkeys. Who do they think they are? Humans?

Iguanas are all over the place. We even had a baby one running around in our hotel room. That photo was way too blurry to post though. So here is a photo of the fruit thief. This sneaky little SoB would wait till people would get in the pool at the hotel, then run up and eat the fruit off peoples mixed drink glass. Fairly quick too for a tri-ped. It seemed to have some mishap with it’s back right leg. Maybe the result of stealing the fruit from the wrong person’s glass.

It started raining something fierce at sunset. This is the best photo I could get without a tri-pod. Maybe I should have mounted that camera to that Iguana. We had dinner that night, and had a Tican serenade us with his acoustic guitar. It was a strange, but definitely a good time. That night we walked back to the hotel room in the pouring rain, then sat on our hotel patio and listened to the forest come to life. There was a lot of monkey howling and having a good time in the rain.

Next morning we decided to take a guided tour of Manuel Antonio Nation Park. We really didn’t see that much wildlife and we were kind of hoping to see something for once. We walked to the front desk to book a tour and found these guys wrangling a snake. A boa constrictor to be exact. It wasn’t too happy about it either.

We walked back to our room to collect somethings for the tour in the park, came back out of our room and found this sloth lying in the center of the road. At first I thought there was a stuffed animal or doll someone put there because it didn’t move. It took some time to of talking to it before it even responded. Then we saw another one above it. Maybe they were in a sloth fight and the other threw the this one out of the tree. Yes, sloths fight in the tree tops. I would assume it’s slower then a game of baseball and just as boring.

I assume this one it the winner of the battle since it’s still in the tree.

Though this little bugger could have just come down from the tree to poop (they do that once a week) and decided to relax in the street. It’s been known to happen. I tickled the sloths back feet with a leaf to see if they feeling in case it hurt it’s self if it did fall out of the tree. This scared the crap out of the sloth. Literally! The sloth pooped and not slowly. We talked to the staff at the hotel and the guaranteed us that this happens all the time. I guess when it rains in Costa Rica, it rains sloths too.

We went to meet our tour guide and started our walk through the park. There were many people walking through the park because it was a holiday week. They get Easter week off. So this made it a little difficult to catch the wildlife. We did get to see some toucans. This is actually the second time we got to see a toucan on this trip. The first time was in the park at Monteverde, but they were far away and acting crazy. Again, this is were a tripod and good camera would have been handy. There are three types of toucans in Costa Rica. We got to see two thirds of them, so that fairly good. They’re very pretty birds. From what the guide told us, they will raid other bird nests. So they’re kinda like the Pirate of the forest minus the eye patch.

We saw some more animals and trekked along till we got to the beach in the Manuel Antonio national park. I made this a bigger image if you want to click on it. It was a very nice beach. Swimming here means you have to watch getting your possessions stolen. Not necessarily from the human locals, but the non-human locals.

Above, non-human locals. They will run down out of the trees and grab food and shinny objects. Everything from keys, clothes, cameras and cans of Pringles.

I will tell you that it’s extremely difficult trying to get a photo of monkeys playing. It’s like trying to herd cats in a giant open field. The only time you can get a photo that isn’t a tail from behind a tree or a foot sticking out of a pile of twigs, is when they stop to rest.

This little monkey was very curious and was trying to get really close to check us out. Then I realized it really just was trying to steal my hat. Every time I started to walk under the limb, it’s hand started reaching out for my hat. I thought it just wanted to be my friend, when really it was looking for low cost clothing apparel. No Monkey BFF for me. 🙁

Well that’s about it for the photos from Costa Rica. I really enjoyed my time there and I hope to go back again. Two weeks was not enough time. There were many more places to see and very friendly people. AnywhereCostaRica.com was an excellent low stress way of planning a trip in Costa Rica and I might even use them again. A definite must visit in my book.

On our way back we flew over Belize and my wife loved the blue waters. So guess where to next?


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