End of summer

This summer is almost over and as I get older, the summers appear to go faster and faster. I’ve done a lot this summer. Some home remodelling, work trip to Boston, kick ball tournament, golf outing, camping, hiking in the woods and even a pool party. It still seems short to me. I think back to how I started my summer, or pre-summer. We took a trip to Portland Oregon and visit a friend. He played tour guide as he always does. Let me show you what we saw.


We landed in Portland and to start the day, we went to Wunderland. It’s a great little place that has all the games from skeet ball to video games. Everything is 5 cents. There is a small entry fee, but $5 in nickels go a long way here. Afterwards we had some NY style Pizza in Portland. It was yummy. Especially after a plane flight.

This is our basement apartment we rented for the extended weekend. It was a little out of down town, but in a nice interesting shopping district.  The place was very quaint, welcoming and of course we had the Internets.


This is the perennial garden outside our door.  Many of the homes in Portland have wonderful perennial gardens. We loved walking through this one. They even had another small apartment in the back for other guests. It was nice common place to share. I was very happy with our experience there.



This was a nice park in the Colombia River Gorge. There was an abundance of poison oak, so we didn’t wander off the trail that much.


The weather was, “GIANT SLUGS, GIANT SLUGS, what can I say back to you Bob.”


More waterfalls. There were a ton of these things every where. No, we didn’t go chasing either. TLC taught me about that. Its just not worth it.


This was a hike, but it was a nice view. There were about 12 switchbacks to get up here.


Again with the water falls. This place had a lot of tourists. DAMN TOURISTS!


We crossed over to the other side of the Columbia River Gourge and there was big, big rock we climbed. It was call something that I can’t remember. Either way, here are some photos.


Here is another one. SONY DSC

And here is another one facing a different direction. SONY DSC

This one is a completely different direction. Follow that river into Portland!SONY DSC

This is what wind will do to a tree. Someone like a half eaten corn on the cob.


To get up here, it was a bitch of a hike. I’m not going to down play that one. This is one the way down. SONY DSC

There is the wife hiking a head while I take some photos. SONY DSC

A little steep on the switch backs. I am just happy there is a railing. Otherwise I don’t think my wife would have made it up or down. Sshhhh … She has issues with heights. SONY DSC

There we go on our way down. Please take notice of the switch backs further down the hill. It gives a nice perspective.


We also enjoyed some yummy Thai food. I love me some spicy drunken noodle at level 10. It only hurts on the way out.


The unoffical Portland motto/slogan is, “Keep Portland Weird”. It’s got a lot of that for sure. There is a large hipster and art community. So people watching is always fun. My grandmother use to call it, “Watching the yo-yos” walk by. I guess this is one of the places where you’re suppose to stop for Mr.T and Ugly Kids. Or did they mean Mr.T’s ugly kids? I don’t know. If this would survive 2000 years, I would be interested to find out how archaeologists interpret this one.


Needles to say we ended our May Portland trip with Pizza and Beer. Both are in abundance and both are delicious in Portland. This wasn’t our first trip to Portland. We were there in September of 2012, but I was just too lazy and busy with work to get around to posting the photos. So here are a few below.


This was on the coast near Tillamook. Land of good wine tasting and yummy cheese. Mmmm Cheese. I think I am still backed up from that visit. ocean4

The beach! Though, I am not jumping in that cold water this time of year. I loved how the fog just hangs in the distance. ocean3

Can someone say “Goonies” for me? That is the beach from the Goonies where the hold up the medallion to line it up to the old shack. The entrance to “One Eyed Willies Rich Stuff”.ocean2

That is a nice look out point. I know this for a fact because the sign said it was a nice look out point. I agree.


At the beach front town, they had kookie sodas. I assume it’s not really made of “Kitty Piddle”. I am not going to do a taste comparison test.soda3

Mmmmmm …. Bug Barf. Can’t be any worse than the red bugs their using to dye Starkbucks drinks. soda2Yes, Bacon soda. Who would have thunk it? I didn’t. Hey! That PB and J still has the crusts on it. Blech, I don’t drink it with the crusts. soda1

Corn so sweet, they had to bottle it. So, basically it’s just soda without the flavouring? Why mask the taste of High Fructose Corn Syrup any longer. I am not even going to comment on the Buffalo Wing Soda.


This is some hiking over a bridge at Mount St. Helens.sthelen2

This is the view the other direction. LOOK PEOPLE!sthelen3

This is what is left to the top of St.Helens. She blew her top in 1980.

Hope you enjoyed the photos.


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