Fun with foods.

Ok, to make this easy, lets just say everyone loves food. We might not love all of it, but everyone can say they love some type of food. Whether it’s Mac & Cheese to sirloin tip steak from the grill, we all have something we love. In some of our cases it’s it a whole bunch of things we love and not a lot of hate.

Hates for foods tend to come from one of the three categories in my mind.

  • A person never tried many different foods, so they tend to have a myopic tongue. Be that taste, appearance or texture. Many people complain about the texture. I can understand this to a point. I’ve never tried eating insects as many other countries do. I don’t really want to try that. I’ve been reading a book by Amy Stuart called “Wicked Bugs: The Louse that Conquered Napoleon’s Army & Other Diabolical Insects” and I just find myself scratching at myself reading it. I can’t imagine the idea of eating insects. Though to be honest, crab, lobster and shrimp are really nothing more than water insects.
  • A person hates one item that might be associated with a type of food and will refuse to try anything in that category. You laugh, but I can site examples. I won’t as some people don’t want to be named, but paraphrasing, “I don’t want to go to an Indian Restaurant. I don’t like curry”. My reply, “Not all the food has curry and not all curry tastes the same.” the rebuttal,”I don’t care, I don’t want curry.” To be fair, I’ve heard this argument with Mexican food because someone didn’t like re-fried beans. I have my own, though I won’t refuse trying it. I think Ethiopian food looks like several piles of colorful poop on a plate.  You tell me?
  • A person is under the age of 13. We all know we hated some food when we were children. Mine was anything with Ginger Root in it. I am not sure if it’s attributed to the abundance of taste buds and adolescence my have over a 40 year old who has half the amount of nerve receptors in the tongue. I like to think so as I love ginger root now or it could just have been my dads cooking.

With all the opinions about food, I though I would provide some “Food Porn” I’ve snapped photos from at home and in my travels.

All the following was grilled. Exception to the sandwich. Only the patty (tofu) was on the grill. Nor the ice tea. I know there will be those sticklers that will point that out, so I am trying to cover my bases.


I continue this tradition with naan bread, perogies, broccoli, zucchini, portabella mushroom caps. Ohh, tofu hotdogs. There is no fooling anyone. Tofu hotdogs don’t taste anything like pork innards. That’s why they’re good.

IMG_20140412_183946In my travels, I’ve had salad that looked like a face.

IMG_20140417_190825Burritos as big as my forearm (I love you Roberto’s)

IMG_20140419_101855Breakfast burritos that kept me filled all day.

IMG_20140425_104055Pho that was a delight in every spoon.

IMG_20140807_143303German/Turk Doener that as make you crave it the next day.

IMG_20140822_170356German Kaese Spatzel with a salad dressed in yogurt. Yeah, a liter of beer to. I have to. It’s Muenchen. Sorry for the lighting on this one. It was in the evening.

IMG_20140712_213922Breakfast burritos in Belize. Yeah, so I like breakfast burritos.


Belize version of Pizza. Forget not the two rum punches for 4 USD.


Here is the man that makes the strong drinks. Visit him at Pizza Caulker on Key Caulker. Tip him well as he deserves it.


Gourmet Pizza in Portland OR


Aftermath of a destroyed plate of camembert cheese in


Travel food is great. You don’t have to prepare it. Even some of the fast food is awesome, especially from karts. I could taste till I need another seat for my stomach on the plane. With all the food I try in other places, I still like my breakfast. It’s my favorite. It sounds odd, but I have a friend that visited and complained about not getting his three meals a day. At that moment, I realize I needed to slow down. Instead of the coffee and run out the door, I force myself to make breakfast every morning. It’s an exercise in trying to relax and enjoy the morning before I go to work. Kind of trying to set the mood in my mind before someone else sets the mood in my mind.

Here are some attempts.

Naan bread, leafy greens with homemade yogurt garlic ranch dressing, eggs and Brie cheese.



Eggs, assorted fruits and homemade vegetable stuffing.IMG_20150203_082740Corn, scallions, red peppers and black beans with eggs and English muffins. Yeah I like a lot of pepper. So what!
At this point someone is saying, “My god! Some of those are a big ass breakfast”, and you wouldn’t be wrong. I found in my breakfast experiment that eating more for breakfast and just having a handful of almonds is better. This way a person can avoid the post lunch afternoon sleepy time.

Oooo! I forgot the black olive tapenade omelet with naan bread with muenster cheese.

IMG_20140327_084106And my favorite Egg breakfast. Toasted french baguette, fresh avocado and eggs.

IMG_20140313_081721Makes me want to make my own french baguettes from scratch. Mmmmmm!
I ask what’s other peoples favorite food or food porn? I can keep posting photos, but I have to line “10 print “go to bed”, line “20 goto 10”. Yeah! That’s how I am wrapping this one up.


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  1. I’ve not even proof read this yet, so just deal with it. Also, can you tell I’ve been hungry lately. I’ve been on clear liquids only for a few days (doctors orders) so I was missing food.

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