“Some people work at being great with mediocre pursuits and some people work at being mediocre with great pursuits. It all depends on what you find mediocre or great.

quote by –Me!

Looking up insightful quotes from other people and repeating the ones found inspiring, just shows how insightful a person isn’t and how little they’re inspired to think.

What is was again.

The phrase “history repeats itself” was coined by Karl Marx. The original quote was much more then this, but this tends to be what is uttered by the masses. The original quote was “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” This is the learning process.

Karl should have said “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce, third times a charm.”

This is not a website honoring Karl or promoting socialism/communism. This is more about the aging process and how we keep learning.

Science has learned that the brain has plasticity. In short, how we learn will affect how our brain changes, and in turn how we change. This site is a log of my attempts at understanding, learning, experiencing more and affecting (hopefully) positive changes in myself. I am sure much of this will contain pointless stupidity, anger and silliness as well. Again, it is the attempts that are being logged, not just the accomplishments.


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  1. katemc39 says:

    Quality. I’m’ bookmarking your site. Looking forward to whiling away my workdays on here…

  2. Danke Schoene!
    Thanks for reading.

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