Under $40 keyboard USB splitter

Wait, I am not referencing a KVM that permits using one keyboard on either computer by hitting a button and switching between the two. What I am talking about is one USB keyboard to send keyboard/barcode scanner information to two computers at the same time.

That’s right! 1 USB Keyboard sending data to 2 computers at the same time. Not a PS/2, but a USB keyboard. I spent a butt load of time trying to find a device that will do this, but I couldn’t, so I built one.

In order to get this working, Arduino Due $20 (on amazon), 2x Arduino Mico Pro (3x $16 on Amazon). The rest is soldering connections, making a plastic box and cutting some holes.

Co-Worker build this better case.

Connections all in place and checked with the meter.

My first ghetto case. I wasn’t really good in shop class.

The Arduino Due has the ability to read keyboard input with the correct library. The Arduino Micro Pro has the ability to emulate a keyboard. Combined using the IC2 bus communications, the Due can read keyboard input, forward it over the IC2 bus to 2 or more Mico Pros at the same time. Then have the Micro Pros read the IC2 bus as characters and send the output to the USB interface. Some tweaks were needed in the code since some keyboard keys aren’t characters. For example, TAB, ENTER, CTRL. These had to be send as the integer ascii representation to the Pro Micro.
Aside from that, it seems to work very well and has reduced out time per piece in production, human error and saved us from an over priced software interface.

Best and have fun.





Since posting the code in seems to fubar the syntax no matter what I try, I’ve attached the MASTER and SLAVE code in the zip file above. Since people keep asking. Keep in mind non characters do not send unless you code for them. I’ve only included the code for the TAB and ENTER keys. Since there are many different keyboard layouts, I just needed these for my project. If you need additional non character keys, you must add the code for them and include the if statement for translation.

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Woot.com A.K.A. shitty FAQ and even shitter policies.

If you want to feel like your getting a deal and have someone shit in your mouth, use woot.com. They don’t give a shit as their service department takes 24 hours to answer a message.

Like, “I can’t cancel my order”. Where 18 hours later you get a response from the department of I don’t give a shit or It’s not my fucking problem, where they will tell you, “If you placed an order, you have 15 mins to cancel it with the cancel button”.

Oh… you mean that button that never appeared when tried to cancel it right after the order was placed??? Fuck you very much for all the help woot.com.

If you respond to tell them that, you get the same canned email response. Why? Well see the above about the department of I don’t give a shit and why you have someone shit in your mouth as the unspoken customer service motto must be eat shit and you like it.

So my recommendation to you, whomever you might be, spend the extra money and don’t by from woot.com. I’ve learned my mistake the hard way. Hopefully you don’t have to.

20% of the time anything that is orderted tends to have something lack-lustre about it. Example: bluetooth rechargeable speakers with at 10 hour battery life that really only lasts 3 hours. A pair of ear buds that make a crackle sound in the left ear phone after two weeks.

To woot.com credit. They have an extensive FAQ telling you exactly how they don’t give a shit. This FAQ has obviously been drastically changed since I originally started ordering from woot.com. My mistake for not reading a page of not my problem policy update before ordering.

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