Holiday was unBelizeible.

Belize We’ve recently returned from our vacation in Belize. Many people have asked, “Where is Belize?” Well, it’s off the Yucatan peninsula between Guatemala and the Gulf of Mexico. Up until the early 80s it was known as British Honduras.  The primary language is English, with Spanish being more prevalent as you get further inland. Closer to the gulf, Creole is more prevalent. We arrived in Belize and had a shuttle pick us up from the airport and take us to San Ignacio. We wanted to head inland to visit some of the Mayan Temples and see some of the country side. The trip from the airport to the hotel in San Ignacio was about two hours. Luck for us our driver Michael brought a cooler with some Belikin beers. This is always a welcome gesture, and helps with the long ride to San Ignacio. The one exception of course is the bathroom breaks.  Half way to San Ignacio we stopped at Amigos (one of the 300) restaurant. We had some lunch and a few more beers. We also took that well needed bathroom break. Michael told us a little about Belize, the cities were were driving through and some of the events that occur in San Ignacio. One such event is a once a year canoe race that starts in San Ignacio, and goes 100 miles to the golf of Mexico. Of course it takes several days for this to complete. They also have cashew festivals and a lot of Amish. That’s how it was explained to me.

We arrived at Rumors Hotel in San Ignacio. It was a little out of town, but a 5 bz dollar ($2.50 US) taxi ride was only about 4 minutes into town. Rumors is called a resort, but in the US sense of things it isn’t. They have a pool, but no water in it. They have a restaurant with a bar that never seems to be open. Don’t worry. We found that this is typical of many places in Belize. Some places are only open at certain times on certain days. We just weren’t very successful with synchronizing out schedules, I guess. Francisco or as they called him at Rumors, “Frankie” was very helpful in getting us scheduled, and transported there. He even provided us with some cost saving tips on a tour to Xunantunich. This saved us about $190 a person. He also booked us a cave tubing tour.

Xunantunich is a Mayan pyramid in the Cayo district of Belize close to the boarder of Guatemala. Here have a look.


So basically one side of the pictogram face the East on the temple and the other side faces the West.  East shows the accession from the underworld and the West shows the decent into the underworld. From what I hear, they believed that is where the Sun would go at night. Crazy huh? I’ve got more and more photos, but I’ve not made the time to sort through things as of yet. I will add to the page as time goes by. Though I fear if I don’t just add it now, I will never get this up online.


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