This IS Halloween

This years Halloween was kind of a bust. The trick or treating, not the holiday. The weather was not agreeable and left us with much left over candy. The building of costumes and romping around from bar to bar was still great. Before I get to this years costume, I realize I left some previous years vacant on the blog. So let me get to those first.

past001haloThis was the Heat Miser and Freeze Miser from “The year without a Santa Claus” Halloween 2011. Of course this is not their real eyes, I had to give them some anonymity. Damn NSA! It took me about 18 hours to cut and sew both these costumes. I think they turned out nice for sewing up to the last second. The wife was really set on doing this costume with our daughter. I became a little to OCD when I was watching them both try to sew. Soooooo, I took over. Sorry honey.

In 2013 I started working on a costume that would be creepy. So I wanted to go with a skull idea I had. So this was the start of the modelling.

past003 After two hours of heating and shaping, I got the general shape.

past002I spent a little more time with the process and made some teeth and jaw. Then I had to go about the painting. I wanted something creepy, yet metal looking. A good chrome finish is what I was looking for.

past004After six coats of paint, adequate dry time and some burlap stitching, I had this.

past007 A nice mask that was easy to see out of and still facilitated a beer bottle comfortably through the mouth hole.

That was just the start. I needed a full costume and not just a mask.

past006I had to sew some arms.

past005And I required the shit to go with.

past009I even started modelling some articulating hands that could hold my beer. I never got to finish these as my wife needed some help with her costume.

past010For my wife’s costume we needed to start on the hair. We needed good ridged support for it. So noting like some rolled poster board to give some support. Of course we used duct tape. Why wouldn’t we?

past011The costume required many Styrofoam ball be painted red. These are are said balls.

past012We needed a green dress and cotton balls and some eyes. The sewing was minimal but the cotton balls took a long time.

past013Here are our finished 2012 Halloween costumes. Between some shaplock plastic, some material and cotton balls, we pulled off a decent 2012.

past014So well that my wife won a prize of free beer, which I helped her enjoy. It’s only fair! I helped with the costume. Plus I had to check if the beer was poisoned. Mmmmm poison.

past015Marge was a hit and people kept giving her hugs all night. No one hugged me. I was too creepy. me2012halloweenQuick selfie in the bathroom. I will save this for my twitterbook page. I decided to go with the creepy again because it is a lot more fun to be evil verse good. You get away with so much more. This year I had a table of people afraid to make eye contact with me. I just stood by their table with out moving.


Here is a close up front view verse side profile. You have to model a bit. People were taking pictures with me this year. That make you feel like the 12 hours to make the costume was worth it. This was all put together for under $30. I love shopping at the Goodwill for supplies. I was half tempted to put the doll back together and donate it back to the Goodwill. Paint intact of course. There are little girls out there that will grow up goth and love a doll like this. hallo2013-2

The wife’s costume was omitted though awesome. She did a nice zipper face, but it’s too hard to keep her anonymous in the photo.

Hope everyone had good Halloween and see you next year.

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